I’m Kate, I began my cycling career with really only one leg. I had fractured my ankle playing volleyball and there was enough nerve damage that I could only swim or cycle. I bought a cheap road bike to gain strength in my leg back and have been hooked ever since. I ditched my road bike for mountain biking when I moved to Boulder, CO after college. I got talked into putting in for the Leadville 100 lottery in 2012, got a spot and have been training or racing for it ever since. In 2012 I crashed a week before the race and was able to get a medical deferral- which ended up being a good thing so I could get a few races under my belt before taking on the 100.

Iā€™m currently a law student on sabbatical to University of Notre Dame for a Master’s of Science in Global Health. I spent the first year of law school training for my 3rd(!!) Leadville 100 MTB, which created a few challenges in itself. I’m currently learning how to create a balance between school and training (more so riding my bike).