I’m Kate, I began my cycling career with really only one leg. I had fractured my ankle playing volleyball and there was enough nerve damage that I could only swim or cycle. I bought a cheap road bike to gain strength in my leg back and have been hooked ever since. I ditched my road bike for mountain biking when I moved to Boulder, CO after college. I got talked into putting in for the Leadville 100 lottery in 2012, got a spot and have been training or racing for it ever since. In 2012 I crashed a week before the race and was able to get a medical deferral- which ended up being a good thing so I could get a few races under my belt before taking on the 100.

I’m currently a law student at University of Notre Dame. After the first year I took a leave of absence for a Master’s of Science in Global Health (4 year plan for law school is a thing, right?) I’ve spent the past two years (one in law school, one in graduate school) training for and racing (riding) the Leadville 100. I recently just finished my 4th (!!!) Leadville 100 and always on the look out for more adventures to keep me fueled during law school. It’s an ongoing tension of imbalance between training and school.  These are my stories.