World Bicycle Relief: A Way Forward

This past August, I had the pleasure of racing the Leadville 100 with World Bicycle Relief (WBR) for the 2nd year. WBR is an organization providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles. I’m so excited to build on the support I’ve received the past two years and keep promoting World Bicycle Relief! WBR provides specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in rural Africa. What a great way for me to use my passion to help others be connected with education, healthcare and economic opportunities.

This year at Leadville we were able to raise over $80,000 for bicycles which put over 500 bikes in the field. Our team was strong with pros and amateurs including  Ted King, Laurens ten Dam, Timmy Duggan, Joe Dombrowski, Jered Gruber, Craig Lewis, Katie Boiling (who raised over 100 bikes by herself!!), Dave Thompson, David Houston, Ryan Vanderloop, and Sharon Shachar. team-photo

While the race is over our work with World Bicycle Relief is not. I’m excited that they have introduced a new campaign: A Way Forward. Targeted at getting girls mobilized in order to obtain an education. Here are some of the numbers: 79 girls are enrolled in secondary school for every 100 boys in Sub-Saharan Africa; 1 in 5 girls experienced violence in the past 12 months; 40% more time is spent by girls than boys on household chores; 550 million hours per day spent by girls on household chores.


The good news about donating through end of December? Your donation will be matched 1:1! There is a joke in the cycling community about bikes=n+1; where n is the number of bikes you own, joking there is always another one we are thinking about. This is a pretty great plus one bike, if I do say so myself.


In a handful of my classes we talk about the number one thing we can do in order to make real progress towards the access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity. The number one answer: Educate girls and women. My mother has always told me that an education is the best insurance policy you can get for yourself. As I continue on my path towards a MS/JD I realize this statement holds more meaning to me than ever. These students are certainly an inspiration to learn from- please click on the link to watch the video, my favorite is Dianah’s rhyme upon receiving a bicycle: A Way Forward Video

Interested in donating, or learning more about the mission for change? Check out


P.S. Want to represent the cause? WBR just released their holiday gift guide-check it out:  Holiday Gift Guide

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