When All Else Fails, Start Running

At the top of Hall

I finally got my stitches taken out. It definitely helped that the whole way (60 miles) to the doctor’s office my mom kept asking me, “What are you going to ask the doctor.” So when the nurse called my name in the waiting room I immediately said, “Can you take my stitches out?!??” Which they were clueless as to why I even had stitches since it was a different doctor but at least they’re out. I also got my cast off which has led to me getting more compliments on my hair because now I can spend time blow-drying my hair and not my cast. I start physical therapy tomorrow (which at this point I should have just stayed living in Boulder) and I’m not sure what they’ll make me do, my strength is still lacking and my flexibility is still the same that it was before the cast so hopefully they can fix that. I did Hall Ranch a few days after I got my cast off, I wasn’t really planning on doing it so there was no one to go with me but I did tell someone where I was going. I really like riding by myself because I can work on skills that I want to and ride sections multiple times but it’s not great when you crash and random people find you (you can’t have your cake and eat it too, I suppose). It was really fun and a really good thing that when I rode it with Wayne and his friend they didn’t think the rock garden would be good to go down with my cast, and they were right there is no way I would have made it out of there without going over the handlebars. I definitely needed to be able to hold onto the handlebars and use the brake. It also got me on a kick about getting a full suspension bike with it geared more towards downhilling. That definitely might be medicated, or post concussion me talking. Ever since the crash I’ve had a really intense need to go downhilling, I keep telling people I want the snow to melt so Winterpark can open back up for bikes (I’m finding people in Colorado really like snow and being able to go skiing so I have to be careful who I tell this to). The guys at the shop almost had me talked into a bike too, but I googled “impulse decisions and concussions” and realized it might still be just a symptom and I should probably hold off on that decision at least for a few weeks. Stay tuned.

I need a new habit….

I did crash and got the worse bruise I’ve had all season. Not on the Hall Ranch ride though, oh no, that would have made too much sense. A few days later Wayne and I were riding from his house to his friends for a Christmas party. I was on his commuter and I made him carry the bin full of cookies “just incase“. It had snowed that day and the sidewalks were still pretty icy. I was being super cautious because someone told me my clumsiness is a habit that is formed out of my carelessness when I’m not paying attention. I was being really meticulous about my movements and really paying attention to what the bike was doing. I was doing a great job navigating the streets too and was really proud of myself when I saw that I had made it to the driveway of the house. (Clearly I should not count my chickens before they hatch.) I put one foot down so I wouldn’t ramp up the curb and completely lost my footing and the bike went out one way and I went the other leaving me completely sprawled out in the driveway. Fortunately Wayne was far enough ahead he didn’t even notice and no one inside looked out the window to see me spread eagle in the driveway. It wasn’t until later that I noticed the blood soaking through my jeans that I realized I smacked the ground pretty good. The bruise followed the next day and is still there. Good thing I’m a pro at getting blood out of clothes.

I know you’re jealous.

Christmas was good, I spent about 6 days at home which was really nice but also a bit of a mad rush to see everyone. I was a little nervous for Christmas morning because after the car hit me I ended up with 5 safety vests (apparently no one talked to each other that year…). I got a new jersey from the shop I worked at in college because the one I had from them I was planning on wearing for Leadville but I also wore it the day that I crashed and now it has a gaping hole in it. Now I don’t have to spend months trying to figure out what to wear! My Godfather did give me a water-bottle too. He really put a lot of thought into it too because he found it on the side of the road during the US Pro Cycling Challenge from someone on the Astana team. I’m definitely his favorite because he got that for me in August. He also got me a book about marathon training and a subscription to Runner’s World. He spends a lot of time trying to convert me to the dark side, but it’s slowly getting to me.

They’ll definitely find me!!

 My grandmother, bless her heart, did give me a sparkly red hat to wear when I ride so that “when you crash they’ll be able to find you easier.”

Who wants to join?

 I’ve really gotten on a kick with running lately though, which I’m not sure if it’s post concussion, medicated, normal me or my Godfather finally getting through. I don’t think it’s normal because I’ve never really enjoyed running I just do it to supplement the activities I actually enjoy. Last year, in the same time span I ran a total of 30 miles, 26.2 of those were the marathon and the other 3.8 was the training run before hand. I went to Apsen with some friends over New Year’s and packed my thermal running tights just incase I felt compelled to run in 5 degrees. I did, every day we were there. It was gorgeous and so much fun, there was a trail that went right out of our condo and then into the forest and crossed some ski runs and then back into the forest with amazing views and a really peaceful aura. Last year I wore those same tights once  and that was at our outside sale in March, I thought it would be cold so I wore them under my jeans. I got so excited about running that when I got home I ordered some trail running shoes. However, one of the problems I’m finding  I have with running (besides not being able to go super fast) is how quickly I lose toenails. When I took my toe nail polish off today I realized I have 2 black toenails and there is no way that they are not going to fall off. Which would take me down to 7 toenails…. The only good thing is that I get a discount on pedicures if I have 7 toenails.

I’m planning on setting my bike up on my trainer on Sunday or Monday and start building my base back up (which might stabilize my runner’s high). I’m trying to figure out what TV series I want to get into for it. A couple people have  suggested Breaking Bad, Dexter, or Girls. I went to Best Buy to look at what they had but was not impressed; the only series that they had the first season for was American Horror Story which is just what I want to watch before I go to sleep. If you have any suggestions I’ll at least probably take whatever into consideration (I don’t have cable and have no idea what is on TV). You don’t need to suggest Desperate Housewives, I watched all the seasons when I was recovering from surgery a few years ago.

Story of my life….

The lottery for Leadville is open, I asked Wayne if he wanted me to sign him up again but he said no and I haven’t talked any of the guys in the shop to put in for it. I haven’t signed up for it or emailed that lady about it either. I’ll probably put it on my list of things to do in the next few days and maybe see if I can talk a few kids into signing up too. I’m also super pumped that there is no leap day this year because my parents made me the same offer they did last year. If I don’t meet the insurance deductible they’ll pay it to me. Leap Day definitely through it all off though, I have a really good feeling about this year.

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