Remedy: to Cure, Relieve, or Heal

“Oh Blimey!” 

Trek must really hate it when I try to buy a bike. I’m actually surprised they still allow me to after the Debacle of 2012 which found me ordering the wrong frame size only to

have them almost run out of the one I needed and get it switched out. After Moab (more on that later) I decided to buy the bike I’ve been looking at. But like anyone in my family will tell you I’m a little gun-shy when it comes to pulling the trigger on any purchase over $5. I had been contemplating for a while on two models. The Slash or the Remedy, finally when the bike mechanic asked me “do you even own a pair of baggy mountain biking shorts?” I realized the Slash might be a little more than I need right now. He made a valid point though, after playing volleyball for 8+ years I’ve had a hard time letting go of wearing spandex. Which is why the Superfly worked out nicely because it didn’t call for a new wardrobe. I had finally decided to buy it, and started the process of getting the approvals I needed. I checked the stock…2 left. Okay I had an event that night so decided I would fill out the order form after I got home and then fax it in the next day. I checked the stock again when I got home later and saw they only had 1 left…okay I’ll just fax it first thing in the morning. I started filling out the paperwork and had to get the part number but I couldn’t because it was no longer available. Seriously?!? Who is pulling that bike at 11:30 at night? It was my own fault though so I couldn’t really be upset about it. I went to bed and started making a list of all the things I would buy instead, it mainly consisted of shoes. On my ride the next day I was still wallowing in the fact that I had not ordered it sooner, but decided it just wasn’t meant to be. I checked my email later and a guy from work had emailed me to see what model I was interested in. I was about to respond that it was out of stock so it didn’t really matter when I had a little hankering to double check the stock again, maybe, just maybe. 1 left!! I became frantic and excited in mere seconds with a surge of adrenaline added in. I couldn’t remember where I put my form so spent about 4 minutes bolting around looking for it. I remember having the thought “since I’m not going to use this right now I should put it in a place I’ll remember for later.” Yah…thanks brain.   I finally found it and rushed to the shop. I called Trek to give them a heads up that the form was coming, the guy I usually talk to was gone for the night so wasn’t really sure where it’d end up. I was in such a rush the only other thing I put on the form was pedals. I emailed our outside Trek rep the next morning to give him a heads up that I had put my  form in. He replied, “there aren’t anymore in your size, sorry.” Whomp, whomp. Well it was a valiant effort. Just before I was going to leave work for the day I decided to call our guy at Trek to see if they had processed my form or if I should go buy a pair of shoes. “It got picked today, it’s yours we’ll ship it out tomorrow.” I’m so glad that he couldn’t see me through the phone and no one else was in the office because I definitely did my happy dance! I have yet to receive the bike but my pedals did come in, they were, however, the wrong ones. I double checked the form and my part numbers were right. I told one of the guys, “Well at least it’s only the wrong pedals and not the wrong bike.” Luckily those are a lot easier to send back. 

Moab was incredible! I knew it was going to be fun, but it was like the best time I’ve ever had fun. It was the perfect place too because it had trails (and golfing) for everyone. The first day we all left from the same trail head but Wayne and I split off from Barb, Molly and Abe soon after. I didn’t really like that trail so much, it was a lot of different trail styles and hard to really get into a rhythm.

But we did find Dinosaur tracks!

The next day before Wayne and I left on the Amasa Back Trail we ran into an old hippy who was telling us about all the deaths so far this season, luckily my mom wasn’t around and none of the deaths were on that trail. It was a jeep trail, which when I first heard that thought it mostly to be like those in South Dakota, well we are not in South Dakota. When we were at our turn around point there was a hole in the rock that led back into a giant opening (which would be the perfect sunroom). Wayne and I climbed up, he had to help me. I thought I would be okay getting down, I mean what would be hard about getting traction from mountain bike shoes on slick rock? Lots, actually. I didn’t want to compromise my short material getting scuffed on the rock so I pushed off a little bit thinking I would just sort of slide down. Which worked until my shoes slid all the way out and I fell directly on the right side of my butt. 

“Yah, you should have said yes when I asked if you wanted help down, that looked like it hurt.” Was all Wayne said.
Oh my gosh! It did, owww!” And that’s how I got my worst injury from Moab. 
The final day we saved the best for last. The Whole Enchilada trail is essentially all downhill and entails a shuttle ride to the top. I decided to rent a bike because after doing Amasa Back on my Superfly, I knew something with full suspension would be the way to go. And it was. The top section was still closed due to weather but we got dropped off at the UPS section and it was all downhill from there. We followed Porcupine Rime where the

Best timing I’ve ever had

trail flirts with being on the edge intermittently. Bad time to realize that I’ve never gotten over my fear of heights. There were still parts that I walked, especially the parts that were super close to the edge. Nothing like somewhat technical riding next to a super steep cliff to make you a little cautious. Wayne still kicked my butt on all the rides. The bike I rented had a dropper post which is one reason why I decided on the Remedy 9 and not the Remedy 8. The Remedy 9 has a dropper post, which allows you to lower the seat post while riding without getting off the bike to do so. I also found that it was super useful with getting on the bike as well, what with my tight hips and prone to cramping if I lift my leg to high. I could lower it, get on, pop it up and start riding. Wayne rolled his eyes every time I did this. 

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