Hey! Remember Me?!?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. And it’s not that I haven’t been doing things, I just haven’t been writing. Instead of boring you with an absurdly long post that catches you up here it is in mostly pictures.

After the Whiskey 50 I spent some time on my bike and some time off of it.

Wayne and I went to Omaha for Frank’s law school graduation.

This is how the trip started out, until my car broke down with a bad pulley on the serpentine belt….Luckily the car dealer we took it to conveniently rented cars. Which immediately axed Wayne’s idea of hitch hiking and instead we got to roll into Omaha in style.

The Silver Bullet

We made it to his hooding ceremony just in time for them to start the “M” last names. But considering we changed in the/outside the car I think we cleaned up pretty well.

Then we got to see him graduate!

After that it was back to Boulder and more riding. Sully and I did Buffalo Creek on a day off. It ended up being an amazingly good loop.

  At least until the rain hit, and hit it did, immediately filling every crease on the trail with water. We scampered to put on our rain jackets and simultaneously saw lightning strike about 200 yards away while the thunder clapped overhead. As if worrying about getting struck by lightning wasn’t bad enough as we were descending the rain changed to tiny hail pellets. It felt like the sticks of 100 needles and I soon straightened my legs to try and give them some protection. It was a fruitless effort, by the time we reached the car it looked like I had been infected with chicken pox again.

Don’t worry it was still there the next day too. 

I did the Beti Bike Bash, I felt I should. It’s a women’s only race/event and our shop was a sponsor. Given that I was the only girl in all three shops I felt that I should be representing. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go as 1.)  I had been dry heaving/coughing up mucus for the past week and 2.) I also wasn’t quiet sure how to race 12 miles (I’ve only ever done 20 minutes short track or 50 miles plus races).

 I surprised myself by getting the hole shot  
(probably because I forgot that it was longer than 20 minutes and started sprinting)
only choking on my mucus once and then throwing it up (pretty impressive I can stay up right on a bike for that, huh) 
 and even ended up getting on the podium. Don’t worry, there were more than 3 people in the category. 

Barb even came down for it and crushed it in her category as well and then hung around to cheer for me!
Barb and I after the race!
I did some cross rides, some technical rides, some long rides, some that took me on the steepest paved road in Colorado with grades close to 25% and some leisurely rides. 
That’s really the short and sweet version of it. More to come and in more of a timely fashion.

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