Winter Training

Winter training hasn’t involved much biking, well it has, but not the focused kind. After White Rim I took some time off and went up to South Dakota to work on my mother’s judicial campaign. Which was a lot of fun and a lot of work. It began to light the underlying thought about law school.

One of the many supporters showing maximum support!

So warm!

I spent a few days in San Diego with Sully’s family for Thanksgiving, it was strange, eating Thanksgiving dinner outside in 95 degrees. I didn’t hate it. We spent time at the beach and went on a few runs.

The beginning of December I spent mostly in the library finishing a paper on Tuberculosis in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, for a graduate class. Which also sent the spark about law school burning brighter as many injustices stem from poor policies in place or even lack of a policy to hold people accountable. It also made me realize how much I miss being in a college library, with only the occasional drunken student running through and banging on trash cans during St. Patrick’s Day. The public library attracts a bit of a different crowd– one man brought his own mustard in and kept squirting it directly into his mouth. Not exactly my study food of choice.

Wayne loves taking photos

Sully came up to South Dakota with me for Christmas. Frank expressed his excitement by informing me, “I got him a present so he better get me something” nothing like the spirit of Christmas. We took our cross bikes and rode around and discovered some very under utilized trails.

Sully headed down to Austin when we got back for Cyclocross Nationals. With him gone I spent most of the time studying for the LSAT and watching “The Good Wife”, which I attributed to studying because it’s all about lawyers. 

I got a new bike in January, a Superfly FS 9.9- a full suspension cross country bike. I wasn’t a fan of the color on the 9.8 and the 9.9 is fully customizable. The shop let me get it under their demo program and pick the colors. I think I did a pretty good job, although Wayne’s first impression was, “it sounds like a hippy threw up”.

February was weird enough weather that we spent the first half riding out side in a little more than jersey and shorts.

Usually requires a little “oomph”

I went to Hall with Wayne and Sully and make it up the big rock a few times which always makes me feel like a badass.

Wayne loves it when I take pictures

The weather finally realized it was Winter and so Sully and I headed down to Sedona to visit his parents and ride in 75 degree weather.

No snakes were seen this trip!!
Unfortunately when we came back it was still winter and thus back to riding the trainer and dreaming of Spring. I officially start tomorrow training for the Leadville 100 so thought I would catch you all up before jumping right back into it. 

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