Good thing these are so common

I think I have put off writing this because I haven’t really wanted to admit that it’s October. See I’m not exactly a fan of October as it’s my highest rate of ER visits in one month. And I’m a little nervous to have it already be here. This is where you have to bare with me for a minute while I explain this abnormal fear.
See two years ago on October 20th, I destroyed my leg, to the point where it still gets stiff and sore. In that time I spent 2.5 months on crutches and another 5 in a walking boot while doctors tried to figure out exactly what was going on. For that entire time my foot looked like a huge club- it was so gross and the worst part was that my brain didn’t even know it was there (pretty neat, huh). I must say that one of the more entertaining parts of being on crutches was getting a bloody nose in Micheal’s (a pretty common store for moms, right? Not). I start dripping, more gushing and without thinking it through immediately clasp both hands to try and stop the blood, rendering me unable to move without my crutches looking like a murder scene. Somehow none of those women in line behind us had kleenex’s and the cashier only had one so I hobbled as fast I could out of there while informing them my blood on the floor was clean. Another thing that was mildly entertaining was to put a crutch out so someone would accidentally knock it while walking and have them immediately apologize and make sure I was okay. What can I say I got a little bored.

Then last year I made a minor trip to the ER in the middle of October, which really wasn’t that exciting at all. Then thinking I was home free when I reached October 21st and I was walking normal, unfortunately that was a little premature as October 28th was when I got ran over by a car, well not so much over as I went over the car but more ran into. Thus requiring hot firemen to respond and a very attractive neck collar, which my neck marinated in for the next 6 hours, and my 2nd trip to the ER in 2 weeks. Maybe one year I won’t meet my health insurance deductible…..

So you can see why I’m a little apprehensive coming into this month. I made it through the first couple of days without really thinking much about it. But then on October 4th, a car decided to be a jerkface and play chicken with me. It wasn’t bad and I just kind of toppled over, well I was so mad I didn’t exactly have control over what I yelled out and can only image what the construction workers thought as this little girl picked up her bike, dusted off her legs, and screamed profanity after profanity at this driver- Only to wave at them when I rode off. My thoughts leaving the scene were If only my mother could see me now, she would definitely take a whole bar of soap to my mouth. The crash wasn’t bad, minor scratches, a bent hood (easily fixed), a scratch on the rear derailleur and that was about it, no flare up of PTSD- so pretty minimal. One of the mechanics was kind enough to help me to clean up my bike and went through the entire drive train (for a small fee of a 6 pack- (Mom and Dad that’s the charge to the liquor store I swear)). So I guess it worked out.

I realize that this is such a minor thing and it could have happened any day, I really do. But like I told Wayne I went to a liberal arts college where they taught me critical thinking (and yes he rolled his eyes). If you look at the calender, the 4th, 20th, and 28th form a perfect diagonal- all that is missing is the 12th (whomp whomp). I know this is a little insane thinking, like psychic readings, or tarot cards (and no I haven’t done those) and I’m sure DF would have choice words about me relying on some random patter to dictate my life but if it means the only day I have to worry about is the 12th, I’ll take it. 

Sick New Whip!

In other random biking news I bought a new bike. It’s a real beaut! Robin’s egg blue, fenders, leather accents, and a coffee cup holder!!!!!!! Basically I’ve come to realize that the amount of money I’ll save in gas I will probably be spending on coffee because it’s sooo cool. So cool that today when I was riding and hit a bump the coffee I had in there jumped out and went all over the road. So not to look unhip I rode to another shop and got a new cup to replace it just to look awesome (Plus I needed it.) Ha, it’s pretty sweet though and one nice thing about about getting hit by a car is that it made me ride a bike just to ride a bike. I’m not spending hours analyzing data or looking over new routes or how to improve my average speed or up my max HR but actually to just cruise along – it’s quiet nice.

And in other related biking news I’ll tell you this story of this guy I had come into the shop the other day. He was looking for a 500 dollar bike and I somehow managed to sell him a 2600 dollar bike. After the transaction was complete he asked me how long I had been working there, I said July- but then not wanting him to think I had no idea what I was talking about mentioned that I worked in a shop during college too. To which he replied, “Oh? You went to college? Well the economy is pretty tough right now to find a job.” To which I wanted to reply that actually I make above minimum wage so like my brother says, college has made me above the minimum. But instead I just said, “Yah and I’m choosing to work here” Beotch. 
I should probably cut this off as Wayne said it’s way toooo long for him to read it at this point. Hopefully I can post in November (fingers crossed!) And whatever may happen this month at least I didn’t buy titanium spoons (Dave). 

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