Lush: One Who Becomes Intoxicated After a Few Drinks and Flirts With Everyone

Oh. My. Gosh!! I feel soooo old!!” Was my exact response when I opened my Christmas present that contained a crockpot. It also didn’t help that I just turned 22 1/2. I know it’s only a half, but really I only have 6 months till I’m 23 (I did pass Calc.!) Now I know that I tend to cater to an older generation with this blog, so I know what you’re thinking…I’m not old, I’m still so young. Wrong. The way I see it is I only have a few more good years left where I can have fun and be able to have little responsibility in the real world before I have to become an adult and get my own health insurance (that is super important). Especially because I’m thinking about grad school in the future (not the near future, but some future) and well do you now what the difference between working at Bicycle Village and a large pizza is? A large pizza can feed a family of 4. Ha! Stole that one from Frank when my mom wanted him to be an English major. I don’t want you to think that I’m on food stamps, but there is no way I can afford more than 4 designer shoes a year on this salary. Do I have my priorities straight or what? But not that I want a family of 4 right now (but I would have a crockpot that could feed them!!) But maybe when I’m 30 I’ll get the hankering to adopt and should be prepared for when my biological clock starts running like Usain Bolt. I must say I do love my life at the moment and feel like I should get all the fun out before I hunker down for real. Plus this way I’ll be able to tell my kids what not to do.

My “To-Do” list

Over Christmas we took a family photo and somehow I ended up sitting next to my Grandmother for it (not sure how that worked because she is still the classiest lady I know and well, I tend to struggle some days) Well being 91 she uses a cane (she had to get rid of the shillelagh for beating too many children- Ha! Bad Irish joke, I know!) and needs help getting up from couches, she disappears into them easily, like quarters and chips. My brother was standing behind her and when she went to get up I grabbed her arm to steady her and help her up. Frank came up from behind and basically picked her up and set her on her feet. She looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Oh my, have you been lifting weights?” Why yes, Grandma I have! Ha!

But seriously I have been lifting because I put in for the Leadville lottery system and need to get my right leg strong again. I haven’t decided if I’ll do a qualifying race if I don’t get in the lottery or not but there will be time to decide that I suppose. I also signed Wayne up for his Christmas present because he didn’t want to pay the $15 dollars just for a chance and conveniently that was how much I was going to spend on him for Christmas. Hopefully we both get in, or I get in, I’m not sure how I’ll feel if he gets in and I don’t because I paid for it but it would be fun to SAG for him- and he’s faster than me so he’ll be a great training partner. 

By “Hoodrat stuff” I mean Leadville

We find out in about a week if we get in and if all the guys in the shop who signed up (4 total) got in too it would be the ultimate cruiser ride, or at least after it would be fun. So it’s pretty exciting and weird to put so much pressure on one single race, playing volleyball and basketball you didn’t exactly prepare for one game the whole season, more of an ongoing process. But I get pretty excited/nervous every time I think about it – and I think if I actually get in I might throw up. If I do get in I would probably buy a new bike (which again is kind of ridiculous for one race) but my bike weighs a crazy 33 pounds and the one I want weighs 22 pounds, of course it costs a lot more than the one I have now but it’s an easy way to lose an extra 11 pounds. I was thinking if I didn’t get in I would get the new Lush (mainly because of the name- I’m not sure if I’m offended or feel like I need to have it because of the name), which is a women’s mountain bike designed by Trek. It’s the first of it’s kind. Unfortunately after riding it around the shop I realized the proportions are based more for someone under 5’5″ and it was the only time in my life I wished I was shorter.

The Lush!

Other than that nothing new has really happened, which is probably why I haven’t written in a while. I’ll try to blog more so maybe my Godfather will actually remember I’m writing this. Even things at the shop have been pretty slow. The most exciting thing that happened to me this week was I took an exercise class (forgetting I was uncoordinated) and fell over, which I’m sure is also the most exciting thing those old ladies have seen in years. I know my life is so exciting. I am running a half-marathon this weekend, which I am pleased to announce that I have done more training for than the marathon! And it is at sea level so I’m pretty exciting about that added benefit. I did make one New Year’s Resolution this year though, even though I think they are kind of dumb but it’s to not meet the health insurance deductible this year (my mother’s idea) so I’m not very excited about the extra day we have because of leap year.


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