The Race of My Life

Well I am pleased to say the half-marathon went out without a hitch! It was my first real vacation sans parents. Luckily Molly is almost that and printed off my boarding passes and packed snacks! It was a quick trip but so much fun to hang out with Molly, Jaime and Jessie and it was warm! We actually did a lot considering we weren’t there very long.

We started by going to Santa Monica and walking around the pier and renting matching tandems and rode down to Venice Beach, which I imagine to be a modern day World’s Fair. That was pretty fun and I’m sure a sight to see 4 girls in sundresses on 2 bikes. I had to drive and have a new respect for all the people I have had drive me around on the tandem. It’s a wonder I didn’t hit anyone.

Clearly I take running very seriously
The day of the race we got there in time to get all settled and get in line for the bathroom, only to realize the line was really long and Jessie and I didn’t want to miss our wave start and betting we would be able to hold it, took off running. Even with running at sea level Jessie dropped me about mile 3. I held a pretty steady pace the rest of the race and finished just over 2:00. It was a pretty scenic route as we ran right by the ocean- I was going to stop and take a picture but didn’t want to add any time so kept running (that’s also why I never stopped to go pee). Jessie ended up beating me by about 20 minutes, but somehow I managed to beat her to the beer tent. Molly finished about 2 minutes after me but she started in a different wave so I never actually saw her. We grabbed lunch at a Mexican restaurant (I got a chicken sandwich and fries, what else?) and then went and sat on the beach. Luckily I brought some light reading (Gone with the Wind) and got to work on my tan to try and cover up the spray tan I got that left one leg darker than the other and spots on my stomach (the joys of having fair Irish skin). No luck though I had to sport those spots for the next 2 weeks. Luckily work doesn’t require me to wear a bikini so no one saw. 

The next day we went to the Hollywood sign, and hiked around someone that gave us views of the sign. We walked around the walk of stars and only took a picture of the Chuck Norris star and saw David Beckham, just a typical day in Hollywood. 

Now, did you really think that the half marathon was the race of my life? I hope not, because I didn’t even break 2 hours. The real race of my life is Leadville. Yes I got in. It’s bitter-sweet as none of the guys from the shop got in and neither did Wayne. I think that it helps that I have two X chromosomes. Luckily the guys at the shop are really excited for me and have been offering tips left and right, even making me do lunges when I’m putting product away. They started me on a training program, even before I was in but now I take it a little more seriously and they push me a little  harder. Example: When I was doing switch grip pull ups (you do 2 over hand, 2 underhand) I thought it would be good if I got to 16, well they kept saying 2 more, 1 more, just 1 more, you got it until you fatigue your still going (I always give into peer pressure, except for drugs). Some how I ended up doing 60 and was not able to brush my hair the next day for work. Another thing was that one of the guys misheard and thought someone said, “Oh, Kate has a date tonight,” (I think he really said something about getting coffee) but he replied, “No, she doesn’t. Kate’s not allowed to date until September, she’s in training.” So no, Molly I will not be needing a plus one on that wedding invitation.
Who needs a boyfriend when your bike is this hot? Ha

I’m really excited for it. I will be happy if I finish under 12, but figure since I’m training I should shoot for under 9, that way I get a gold belt buckle. Plus only 2 girls in my age group finished under 10 hours last year, so go big or go home. I’ve already started looking at new, lighter bikes (well mostly the guys have been showing me which bike would be great for the race) but I’ve found one that I like, it’s black and red and about 23 pounds. It’s weird though I feel like everything in my life has led me to this point, every wrong turn or decision I thought I had made all seems to make sense now. Especially all the work I did with DF last year after getting hit by the car. I know mentally I’ll be able to make it through the race, not to say I won’t have my moments of doubt or crazy rants when I yell “what the heck am I doing!” but knowing that I’ve been through worse will help. I mean really who can complain about getting to ride their bike for 100 miles at 12,000 feet? Not many people even get to be in the position to complain.

It should be a really fun time, so if you’re in the area on August 11 we have a house booked in Copper Mountain and you are more than welcomed. I can’t guarantee a bed but there should be ample floor space. I’m hoping that the people that do come have a great time and good excuse to party while I’m probably puking my brains out on the course (altitude sickness…). I figure if nothing else it gives me an excuse to keep writing. And really this is what I talked about with DF all last semester, overcoming crappy situations. If only he could see me now!

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