What Happens in Vegas….

Warning: This blog contains graphic material which may be inappropriate for children under 13. 

Technically it didn’t happen in Vegas so I don’t feel bound by any rules regarding this post. I went to Vegas for Molly/Steph’s bachelorette parties (no, they are not marrying each other) but wasn’t sure that I wanted to take 4 days off from riding. And like Iceland I have heard that Vegas has untapped trails which was my main motivation to go. I was really hoping to go mountain biking, because of what I had read but found out the shop I wanted to rent had their mountain bike rentals about 20 miles outside of town and was informed that was $100 cab ride. I couldn’t really justify that, as cool as I thought it would be to mountain bike there so settled on the $40 dollar cab ride and a road bike. 

I took a cab and the driver asked where I was going so I gave him the address and told him it was a bike shop. He looked at me oddly and then professed, “Really, you ride bikes? But you look like such a girly-girl.” I thought it was kind of a weird statement but my hair was still curled from the night before and I had put make up on (as I do every time I ride now in case I get hit and those hot firemen show up again). We started chatting, and about 10 minutes into the conversation I realized that he had been talking about motorcycles when I had been talking about real bikes. Needless to say I had him drop me off a few blocks from the shop so I could remain a badass in his mind. 

At the shop I started chatting with the guys as they set up my bike and I mentioned that I was hoping to mountain bike but didn’t think I could get to the outpost. Well the rental was $43 and I joked that was a little more than the cab fare it took me to get there. They asked if I was staying on the strip and I told them that I was and was in town for a bachelorette party, they were impressed I was renting a bike while in town for that. I mentioned that I didn’t really feel like I could take time off because I was training for Leadville (bingo!). Then they got really excited and asked what bike I was racing on and told me some great road ride options that conveniently would take me by the outpost, and I could always stop in and do a little flirting with the guy there and he would probably set me up with a mountain bike no problem and no charge. (Except it is a problem because I don’t know how to flirt without tequila and even then it’s not pretty). I asked what time they closed and he replied, “Six, and if you’re not back by then we call the cops.” “Oh! My mother would love you.” I responded, and he just laughed. 

Definitely not the Strip!
Can’t find this in your car.

I went about 10 miles out and did the Red Rocks loop and realized that this is really why people should come to Vegas, I’m not going to lie in my mind Vegas was surrounded by horrid wasteland, basically superfund sites that if you ventured away from the strip you would die. I must say that ride alone sold me on wanting to go back. I got done with the loop and was only at about 20 miles, I realized I could ride to the outpost which would give me another 6 miles and then at least stop and get water before going back. Well there was no way I could go to the outpost and not ask for a mountain bike. And that is what I did. The guy there was super cool too (it must be a bike shop thing) and sent me out on a trial that was about a 10 mile loop. He gave me a full suspension bike, which was actually my first legitimate ride on a full suspension (I don’t really count the time when I rode Frank’s around the driveway and fell off, even though I have pretty sweet scars left from that one). I liked the full suspension but I’ll stick to my 29er hardtails. I saw the largest yukka plant in the world (!!!!) and didn’t fall off which was good but definitely got dirty. 

Oh, and I got this gem. Blisters included, well at least that’s all I came home from Vegas with!

The rest of the trip went well, I bought some lipstick, which Molly said she was proud of me that it was actually girly and not bike related, so there is some hope. Oh and I also managed not to consume any alcohol, I’m still not sure how that happened…I guess there is always next time!

Going along with other firsts like not drinking in Vegas, I have had my first ER trip of the year and my first ride on my new bike. Don’t worry they were isolated events! The ER trip was for an ear infection but it was at 4 in the morning and I had left my car at the shop so I could ride in the next day, so I thought about calling a cab but didn’t want to spend money so ended up riding my bike (nothing like training late at night, who knows how long I’ll be on Leadville!). I told my dad that I rode my bike because I didn’t want to pay for a cab, and he said, “You realize you went to the ER, right?” I was like, yah, but I didn’t have any cash on me. I think my parents are counting down the years to when I’m on my own health insurance.

Definitely need this!!
Better my body than my bike, right Mom?

The first ride on the Superfly went well too. One of the girls at the shop texted me and told me that it was time to “swipe my Superfly v-card” and that she would be there with me in case anything happened. I told her okay, it’s after Vegas, I think I’m emotionally ready for it. The ride was good, but the bike had kind of gotten assembled quickly by the guys at the shop for a prank and I hadn’t really gone over it since then so the brakes weren’t really great. Which made the ride super interesting. The bike is really responsive and I’m pretty excited about it now. I did take one tumble on the ride, but don’t worry I sacrificed my body so the bike didn’t hit the ground. Don’t worry I have been out since and had the one of the mechanics adjust the breaks and go through everything in exchange for some beer. I also informed him that I would probably be contributing to his drinking habit a lot this summer. He didn’t seem to mind.


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