Don’t wear a garden party hat with bloomers.

Hurtin’ for certain!

Did this really just happen? Maybe he got eaten by Henry…or shot. Where is he? Oh my gosh, we’re going to have to get a search party and it’s Molly’s wedding, she is going to kill me!!! These were my thoughts as I waited on top of Battle Mountain for Wayne. Yes, that’s right I beat Wayne up Battle Mountain. I’m not sure how, actually I do probably because he was still drunk from the night before. But I’ll take it as a win. There aren’t a lot of places to ride around H-town (yet) and I figured it was the most similar to Leadville conditions (minus the elevation) to ride. I definitely don’t remember it being that steep from in high school when I used to go up there to make out with boys (kidding!). It was a killer climb and most of the time I kept thinking the hardest part is probably going to be the easiest part at Leadville. 

We were actually in town for Abe and Molly’s wedding. As a bridesmaid gift Molly gave me a Road ID, I thought my gift was all the free alcohol but I guess weddings are the gifts that just keep giving. I’ve been meaning to get one for a while now because it has all your information right there so you don’t have to ask those cute firemen to dig though your seat bag looking for your college ID and list of medications. I especially thought of getting one a few weeks ago when I came oh-so-close to getting hit. It was basically the exact same scenario from when I did get hit, the lady turning didn’t see me. Some how my brain realized in time what was happening and I was able to turn with her. I once again made a scene by shouting out inappropriate phrases for a girl my age. As she drove off I yelled “Wanker!” and shook my fist at her. The English in me always seems to come out at very random moments. In case you were wondering she was driving a Lexus RX400 and her license plate was Colorado 904 PLB. You can never be too safe.


The wedding was off the heezzeay (hook for anyone over 24). I mean it was only 11 years in the making and we even got Molly to do her first(!!) keg stand! Heidi was around anytime someone mentioned Leadville and was able to tell them how hard the race is going to be and how awesome it is that I’m doing it. I asked her if she could just walk around with me all the time and shamelessly promote me. I guess she has other things to do though. I tried to even out my tan lines from Vegas, as they are still pretty evident but it didn’t really help and I forgot to take my band aid off so there’s that. 

I was really nervous after riding up Battle Mountain and looking at the Leadville map/elevation for a few days that I decided to go up there this past Tuesday. I was mainly nervous about the elevation because last year on my escape from Mexico I stopped at our cabin (12,000ft. elevation) and rode my bike for 45 minutes before I wanted to pass out. Basically I wanted to see how much trouble I was going to be in. I found a map at the store of the route and even got directions from a cute guy (which is probably why I wasn’t paying enough attention to the directions), and between my phone, gps and the map you would think I would be able to find the route, but I’m not sure if I ever actually rode on any part of it or not. I was able to ride on fire roads, do a decent amount of climbing (5,500 ft), ride 40 miles in about 3.5 hours and only threw up once. I’m not sure what caused me throwing up, it might have been the Gatorade or the acidic coffee I had before, or the Red Hot Blues I had for dinner the night before, or the grapes I had for breakfast (I know clearly not the breakfast of champions, I’m working on it), or maybe it was the altitude. The way I see it I have plenty of time to figure it out. 

I also came across this gem of a blog on it’s 19th-Century-Ride Etiquette for Women. I’ll attach the link but here are a few of my favorites and I definitely wouldn’t have been a proper lady then (because I am now): Don’t attempt a “century” which I’m not sure why century is in quotations, maybe back then a women’s “century” was only 20 miles. Don’t refuse assistance up a hill which probably also means don’t beat boys up a hill. Don’t ask, “What do you think of my bloomers?” Which I actually ask everyone, do you think I should wear bib or shorts or drop tail or a kit or matching or should I match my bike…Don’t be a fright! I’m pretty sure the day after Leadville I’ll treated for hysteria….

Also I survived the Big Mick! But more on that later I don’t want to make it so you need to take study breaks to read this!  

19th-Century-Ride Etiquette for Women 


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