A Blue Streak

I’ve started wearing this bangle, I actually got the idea from a girl who races for Trek she wears her mother’s pearl necklace and I thought I could wear something while I ride. I tried out my necklace that says “Spike The Punch” but got a little nervous that it would slash my jugular if I got it caught on a tree branch (I know a little extreme). I put on my bangle that says “A Blue Streak” (which I think is their way of saying “A New Streak” or at least I’m pretending it is) about 4 weeks ago. My parents bought it for me the afternoon the case wrapped and I haven’t really worn it since. If nothing else I figured it would remind me of how far I’ve come since that day. Little did I now that when I put it on 4 weeks ago I wouldn’t be able to get it off. I figure I’ll butter my wrist up after Leadville but not really worry about it or the awesome tan lines I get from it until then. 

Directions this great…who could get lost?!?

Last time I was at Leadville I completed the entire course. The last section I needed to do was from Twin Lakes Dam back to Pipeline Aid Station. I did that section (or at least I think I did) and then Powerline. I know for a fact I did Powerline, which I can only compare to “He Who Shall Not Be Named” in Harry Potter. Only because when you talk about it, it invokes fear in those who have seen it or heard the horror stories. Last time I was planning on riding it I saw it from my car and called it a day. It has three false summits and only one real line you can ride, which should be fun with 2,000 other people trying to ride the same line. It’s around mile 25 on the way out which will be going down, I’ve heard about many cracked frames and fractured collar bones on that descent. And then mile 75 for the climb back up, which I’ve heard has captured many broken spirits. I did it the other day and felt really good the whole time. I actually felt really good the entire time I was up there riding, I really think it was the bonding I did with my bike- ha. I’m no longer seeing the bike as a means to an end but more as part of the journey (my philosophy professor would be proud, I hope!) I also had a few other aha inspired moments when I riding that have helped put me at ease:

1.) Regardless of the cut off time my family/friends will be at the end cheering me in. Although winning would be a great ending to a book.
2.) It took Mary Claire 3 years to become a state champion, do you know what we did the two years she lost? We went shopping. So either I’ll be getting a nice new belt buckle (Leadville’s prize) or a new pair of shoes. I’m not upset about either option.
3.) People have finished under 12 hours and people haven’t.
4.) My journey didn’t start when I signed up for the race, more like it finished.  Leadville isn’t going to change anything I’ve accomplished thus far. 
It’s like the Oregon Trail…Hopefully I don’t die of Dysentery!!

I also think it helps that I am fully moved into my new place which doesn’t come with air soft guns, throwing stars, or a samurai sword, and it has air conditioning so I tend to sleep a little better at night. I’m also planning a trip to California the beginning of September so it’s nice having something to look forward to after the race. And now that I type that I realize I haven’t mentioned the trip to my parents…good thing they read my blog!

This past weekend our shop partnered with Trek to host a Beginner Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic. The girl from Trek drives around to different locations from Colorado to the Pacific Ocean putting on the clinics…and I want to know how I can get her job. Barb, Molly and Jessie all came to it. Barb and Molly had their sweet new bikes and Jessie is now contemplating which one to buy. It was pretty fun, even though I was working I managed to finally conquer a wheelie, which I now plan on showing off all the time. I guess it just took a girl explaining it rather than the guys telling me to “just” push down on the pedals. Barb mentioned that moms probably shouldn’t watch me try to attempt it as it resulted in a few spills and with Leadville coming up I can’t be too careful.

Pros by the end of the day!

Today (Tuesday) will be my last big ride before the race. I’ll be headed up to Leadville and I’m thinking I’ll do the Columbine climb again, (maybe even get another beer) or another little section. I’m not sure how I want to cap it off but I have a nice drive to figure it out. I can’t believe it’s so close. I’m not sure if I want to throw up from nervousness or pee my pants from excitement. I’ll keep you posted on what comes first. 

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