2810. This is my race number for Leadville. Don’t worry you can relax (or put the rosary down) I accepted the medical deferral. I didn’t even bring my bike up because I knew I would contemplate riding when I got to Leadville. And I did, but didn’t have my bike. I love it when past me takes into account the actions of future me and acts accordingly. The doctor didn’t clear me when I saw her on Tuesday, actually it went more like this:
Me: “Leadville granted me a medical deferral so I can race in 2013”
Her: “Oh, I’m so glad to hear that, because I didn’t want to have to tell you not to ride.”
Me: “I’m glad too, because then I didn’t have to disobey you and then see you next week wondering why I’m not feeling better.

So we all win. 
When I texted my dad, I said, They granted me a medical deferral, I get to race in 2012!!. He wrote back, uh, don’t you mean 2013. I said, Yah, I keep forgetting it’s not 2011. Don’t worry I’m getting better everyday!!

I would have been Linus.

I’m really not sure what I would have done had I not gotten the medical deferral. As crazy and as compromising as it would have been to race, people don’t get chances like this everyday. But I’m glad I got it as I walked up 27 stairs the other day and was out of breath and my legs hurt. I got to the top and thought “Powerline definitely would have handed my ass to me on a silver platter” which it might have done without crashing but at least I would have had a chance.

Maybe I’ll start baking again

Because I wasn’t able to work I’ve tried to take time to reflect on my training leading up to the race, and to start thinking about next year. It’s weird I feel like in a twisted way I’ve been given a second chance. I did feel ready for this year but now it’s like I know what not to do. I’m not sure I want to live my life another year saying “after Leadville” especially because my mom said something about going to Harry Potter World and without thinking I said, “It’ll have to be after Leadville next year.” I realized that I probably got a little obsessed and maybe too focused on one race. I put more focus on the end result of getting to Leadville and finishing than just enjoying the process. Especially because the end result isn’t what I thought it would be at this point. I think I’m going to take some time off from training, not only because my doctor recommended it, but I need it. I want to start playing more tennis and by that I mean start playing tennis (they have such cute clothes), start doing more swim workouts, regularly running and doing more road and mountain bike rides just for fun. I’m thinking I’ll go to California, sit on a beach, hopefully do some surfing, and then come back just in time to get settled into a grad school class. I want to get back into the flow of school and work and then start thinking about training in October. I also think I’m going to invest in a coach because I was always worried I wasn’t doing enough to prepare (when really at some points I was probably doing too much). That way they can also help me balance it with my life a little more. I’m also thinking I’ll do a few more races next year probably in the Leadville Race Series but just to get my feet wet so I’m not jumping in head first (because concussions are not fun).     

I haven’t been able to shave my legs since the crash, so it’s probably a good thing that I’ve sworn off boys for another year. It’s not like I would be able to date anyways because my roommate is a bigger rooster stopper than CB was in college. My brother did ask if I did anything to my head besides a bad concussion (which I thought was a weird question) but just said, “I scratched my face but it has healed up pretty nicely so there is still hope in finding a husband.” He replied, “Hope springs eternal.” I’ve missed him.

Don’t judge her, she’s “comfy”

I’m up at Copper Mountain right now, the house was already paid for so my parents figured we’d just make it into more of a vacation. My sister and I took the bunk beds, which I proclaimed if I was still racing I would lay stake on the king bed. I did pick up my packet (mainly for the most expensive t-shirt I’ve ever bought) and activated my chip before realizing that probably a bad idea. I then was worried about getting a DNF behind my name when I hadn’t even started. I talked to the lady who granted me the medical deferral and she took care of it. I got nervous even being in the racing atmosphere and I still have another year to prepare. Luckily that also means my mom and grandmother have another year to put some rosaries in the bank, as I’m sure I cashed in all the ones they had prayed for me on my crash.

Target let’s me coordinate my bandage with my manicure

My doctor wants to see me back if my wrist doesn’t heal in the next week or so. She thinks that most of the fall was stopped with my hand as I can’t lift too much more than an iphone or move it in certain positions. I have managed putting my hair in a pony tail with one hand (#skillsIwishIcouldputonmyresume). It would be nice to get full function back as I’m limited to what bikes I talk about at work because I can’t get any down from the second tier. I’m hoping that if I do go back and see her I can try and set her up with my roommate because it would be beneficial for me to have a doctor in the house.

I did volunteer for the race just so I can get a better sense of how everything works. I have to be there earlier than if I was racing but I’ll be at the first check point. I’m trying to talk Frank into coming with me but he’s not super keen on getting up at 4:30 to hand out water, especially if Lance isn’t here.

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