Round 2: Leadville-1 Kate-0

“What better way to bring in your prime reproductive years than to run a marathon?”
“No, I’m not spending my birthday running a marathon, especially not Leadville. And I’ve already run a marathon, I’m over it” 
“Yah..but you could train for this one, with me, it’ll be fun!” 
“6000+ feet of climbing is not fun.”
This is how the conversation went when one of the guys was trying to talk me into signing up for the Leadville Marathon. I still have till end of June to sign up for it and I’m pretty bad at saying no to peer pressure (except when it comes to drugs) so we’ll see. I did sign up for the Leadville MTB 100. I had to put in for the lottery again and email the lady I talked to this summer to remind her about the medical deferral. I thought about emailing her to see if other people signed up with me if they would get in but decided not to push my luck. I had to pay the $15 to enter the lottery and then I’ll pay the entry fee again. After I registered I put my credit card in my change jar on my desk because last year after I registered Wayne and I were driving home and I gave him my card to buy gas while I went inside and he lost it. It was quite the production tracking down the right people to switch out the card numbers so better safe than sorry. I kept putting off signing up because last year I remember it being a tedious process (if I even really remember it) where they ask you a bunch of questions about your bike and your history and if you’re a member of this and that. I finally blocked out 30 minutes to do it and it was nothing like last year. They get your name and address, if you’re a member of Lifetime Fitness, if you’d like to donate to IMBA and another place and then they ask you “Do you have an exceptional story about your journey to the LT 100?” Oh you betcha!

I haven’t started training yet. I am riding my bike (not by myself though). I put my road bike up on the trainer, which has been hard because it’s been pretty nice out and I want to go mountain biking but figure I should give my parents a few weeks to let their stress levels stabilize before I venture out on my own again. My mom sent me Downton Abbey to watch while I ride, apparently she bought it and watched it while she babysat me after the crash. I don’t remember this happening though so it’s all new to me. It’s actually not bad. It came out my senior year of college and I didn’t really give it a chance because the kids who were all about it were the same kids who spent multiple hours in the dining hall figuring out the Kennedy family tree to see which ones they could marry…..

I rode Hall Ranch with Wayne last weekend. I really like how challenging it is, it helps that I always forget how rocky it is until I’m riding it. The only problem I have with it is I get done and think about how much I want a full suspension long travel bike to bomb down it with. I’m doing my best to resist those urges to buy one right now. I still have problems with committing though. Three times I almost went over the bars because I bailed halfway through a decent. Once getting stuck on the edge of a rock while my bike swung around and I put one leg up to stop it from falling over while still holding onto the handlebars and then essentially getting stuck in the Captain Morgan pose. I wasn’t exactly sure how to get out of it without injuring myself or my bike so stood on that one leg for a good 30 seconds. 
Definitely not as suave

Wayne just stopped and watched this unfold and after I said, “I’m stuck!” He said, “that’s not how you’re suppose to ride your bike.” Clearly. 
When I was telling one of the guys about the ride he said I just need to go downhilling because “you either commit or you die! You’ll get over your commitment issues reallllll fast!”
“You’ll die, really?” I was skeptical.
“Yes…YOU will die.” 

I still have a few more weeks of not drinking. It’s not bad going out and it’s great because then I can just drive home. When I go out with Wayne he lets everyone know that I won’t be drinking because I have a TBI. I thought this was something that only he did, but it’s not. I went to the mountains with some friends and at the first bar when we went up to order drinks one of the guys tells the bartender, “and she’s not drinking because she has a TBI, not because she’s morally opposed to it.” I guess it’s better than telling people “I’m not drinking because I donated a kidney to my brother after his accident.”

My PT is happy with the progress I’ve been making. He’s one of the few people that calls me “Kat” which the first time I thought I just misunderstood him and then it got to the point where it was awkward to correct him and now I’ve just accepted it. I notice more pain with riding and especially on my road bike. It’s almost like there is calcified tissue just sitting where the fracture was because there is definitely a bump still there and it’s pretty gross to touch. I actually have a strong aversion to bones, I used to shadow an orthopedic surgeon and I can remember watching a shoulder surgery where he cut off part of the bone and that’s when I almost threw up and crossed orthopedic anything off my list.  Whenever I feel it a pit starts forming in my stomach. 
This view never gets old

I signed up for a 5K this weekend, the Yeti Chase. I’m just hoping that they have cool t-shirts. It’s weird because I’ve never done a running event by myself before. Do I just show up, run and then go home? Besides the Turkey Trot the last one I remember doing was before my junior year of college as part of our summer training for volleyball. When I got done they actually thought it was Mary Clair who had ran it so I’m not even sure if that’s really documented. 

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