Third Time’s The Charm

The first ride on my Rocky wasn’t as spectacular as I had imagined, no fireworks. I might have missed them because I was going so fast. I rode in from my house to the shop with only boat shoes on the smallest amount of pedals, and on a men’s saddle which really makes the 1.8 miles all that more impressive. 

So Fast!

Sully wanted to do a night ride and since my day off (when I was planning on riding) was two days away, it would be a good chance to ride it and then tweak anything that might need tweaking before I headed out on a longer one. Unfortunately some things at work kept me past the departure time and I didn’t feel like playing catch up in the blusterous wind that had awoken. I was able to switch the saddle to a women’s specific one which made the ride home so much more enjoyable. 

I knew where I wanted to ride before I consciously knew I did. I decided to ride up Sunshine Canyon to Poorman down to 4mile and then back up to Betasso, do a few laps and then home. It would touch on everything, pavement, gravel, climbing, descending, and singletrack. It’s definitely my go to ride

Isn’t he a peach!?!

and I seem to end up there more than I should. The ride was pretty uneventful. After raising my seat a few centimeters a block from the house I didn’t get off the bike again. The geometry is certainly different from my Superfly and I’m still working through it.

The second ride was about as eventful as the first, I went up a mountain and came down. The third, that’s where the bonding really began. I had to get a hitch installed on my car (the things that happen when you finally get a boyfriend who rides bikes….) and figured I would loop a few trails together in

Not the smooth morning cup of coffee trail….

the area. I went up the Argos trail on the Apex system, my aim was a mythical neighborhood that would take me over to another trail system. The trail was much looser and choppier than I remembered (but there was a head injury in between rides so you can’t expect much) and not much of my cup of tea. Probably better for the full suspension, but I needed more time on my hardtail as the Whiskey 50 Race is two weeks away (eek!). I knew the other trail would be better so after a few directions at trail forks and my trusty iPhone map to get me through the neighbor I found the trail. Well more of a campsite and I just hoped for the best. I did link up to it and started the descent. I ran into my boss halfway down and about mile or two from where I was going to turn around, he told me to come ride back up with him. It’s certainly nice that everyone above me is still riding and immersed in all things bikes. I turned back up behind him and climbed a portion with him. Some techy sections I got, others not so much where I would hop off the bike and run behind him, since he was still talking. 

We split a couple miles up and I continued climbing, he turned back down. I got back through the neighborhood area and then back on the initial trail. Descending felt awkward and irregular, like something wasn’t right, but couldn’t quiet figure it out and had to get down the hill anyways.


What happened next was the most chaotic crash of my life and it started with the thought…huh, maybe I should have walked this one. The rock that I had headed down had just enough of a kick that I launched forward off my bike. I’m finding that I like the crashes I remember more than the one I
don’t (don’t worry mom, there is only one I don’t remember). There is something surreal and mosaic about being suspending in the air with all your senses heightened, ready, for what is coming next. With that I landed with a thud, and slid down a bit, I had a moment to lie there and assess the damage, but only a moment until my bike came chasing after me and landed with a thwack on

Good thing my roomie is an acupuncturist!

top of me. Insult to injury at it’s finest. At first I thought that I had gotten the wind knocked out of me, because I was having a hard time breathing but then realized the bike had shifted my camelbak and since I ride with my hose running across my upper chest was now being chocked out by my bike with my camelbak hose. I don’t even know how these things are even possible! I got up dusted myself off and with more trepidation than before began my descent, again.

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